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Veterinary Surgery

Luc Van Dijck Veterinary Centre based in Wigan Greater Manchester is a busy veterinary practice that was looking for a year round solution to provide comfortable conditions for staff and patients. With 7 rooms in total including waiting, consulting rooms, operating theatre and laboratory a solution was needed to provide these rooms with a year round comfortable environment. An important factor in such a busy working environment is that we caused minimal disruption to the surgery during working hours, we therefore devised a working pattern to coincide with the surgery closing hours to keep disruption to a minimum.

With space at a premium to fit outdoor condenser units it was decided the best option would be to fit two multioutput heat pump units each controlling a number of indoor units. We choose two Fujitsu AOY30LM4 outdoor heat pump units in conjunction with the customer to provide the heart of the system; these are connected to a number of different styles of indoor units. This mix of hardware gives the customer great flexibility with each area able to be controlled at a different temperature if required. Another major factor in choosing the Fujitsu system was the quietness of the outdoor units as the surgery was located in a residential area.

The indoor units also have some of the lowest decibel ratings on the market making sure that no noise from the indoor units is discernible. Being full air conditioning heat pump models these have produced significant financial savings for the customer whilst in heating mode as the previous heating system was solely electric.

Please note no cruelty was inflicted on any of the install engineers, and we are glad to report none were eaten by the various patients during the installation.

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The Waiting Room Consulting Room One Recovery Room

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Sterilization Room Test Laboratory Fujitsu Multi Heat Pump